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F.A.Q.'s Frequently Asked Question's

Quote & Booking

Do I need to know the exact weight of my freight?

To receive the most accurate quote, please enter the precise weight and dimensions of your fully packaged freight. Weight should always include any pallet and packaging weight; likewise, dimensions should also include the dimensions of the pallet and any packaging you’re using. 

What is Shippers Interest Insurance?

Shipper’s Interest Insurance is a policy held by the shipper to protect from the financial impact of lost or damaged cargo in transit. This coverage is broader than the carrier’s required liability coverage. Deductibles are $500 (unless otherwise specified). The declared product value is used to determine the insurance premium amount. You can view the coverage exclusions and limitations here. 

What is a Quote Volume?

Volume Quoting is the process of obtaining a rate or spot quote from a carrier or carriers for an LTL shipment that meets specific size and/or weight parameters. Below are a few other factors around Volume Quotes:

What can I expect if I select a carrier with guaranteed transit?

When should I select full truckload (TL) service over less than truckload (LTL)?

When should I select full truckload (TL) service over less than truckload (LTL)?

Full truckload (TL) service offers direct shipping on a dedicated truck through North America's largest carrier network. This direct shipping results in less handling and faster transit times than LTL service. A few things to keep in mind if you choose TL service:

What do I need to know about dropping off or picking up at an LTL carrier terminal?


Do I need to package my freight?

Yes. LTL carriers do not offer packaging services—it is your responsibility to appropriately package your freight in boxes, crates, or pallets before the driver arrives. Freight that is in sturdy, safe packaging not only helps carriers move shipments on time but also helps protect your freight from damage while in transit. 

Pick-up & Delivery

What can I expect from my driver during pickup and delivery?

During pickup, your driver will generally back up the truck to your dock or loading location. After you load your freight, your driver will sign your Bill of Lading (BOL). During delivery, your driver will again back up the truck to the specified dock or delivery location so the freight can be unloaded. For either pickup or delivery, you may optionally add liftgate service: a hydraulic lift, operated by your driver, to assist you with loading and unloading the freight. 

Is it possible to have my freight picked up on the same day I book it?

Yes, although the pickup date is not guaranteed. If you book your shipment before 2:00 p.m., we can request the carrier try to pick up your freight that same day. 

What is a Bill of Lading (BOL), and what do I have to do with it?

The Bill of Lading (BOL) is a document that states what you’re shipping, where you’re shipping it to, and who is responsible for it. At the pickup location, to ensure your carrier is working off the correct information, the BOL must be presented to and signed by the driver. Therefore, make sure the party who will load your shipment at the pickup location has a copy of the BOL. Forrester Corporation will include a copy of the BOL in the confirmation email you receive after you book your shipment; you can also download the BOL or share it via email from your dashboard on the Forrester Corporation website. 


How do I track a shipment?

You can track your shipments as soon as they’re picked up. When you log in to the Forrester Corporation website, select from your dashboard the shipment you’d like to track and we’ll display the latest tracking information we’ve received from the carrier. A tracking link is also provided in the confirmation email you receive after you book your shipment. 


Why was I charged an adjustment?

Quotes we provide are based on the detailed information you enter into our system when you book your order. If, upon inspection, the carrier finds the details of your shipment differ from what you provided—or if the carrier must provide additional services to complete pickup and delivery—additional charges will apply in the form of an adjustment to your order. If your shipment requires an adjustment, we’ll send you an email explaining the details. If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact us .

Questions about Credit Line?

Please reach out to the support team.


How do I cancel a shipment?

When you log in to the Forrester Corporation website, a list of booked shipments will appear on your dashboard. Click on the shipment you want to cancel, and you will see a cancel option on the page. However, if it is within 24 hours of your scheduled pickup, the shipment cannot be canceled online; please contact us and we will help you complete your request. 

If I cancel a shipment, will my credit card be refunded?

Generally, refunds are processed in our system on the same business day. Then, your financial institution will typically take 3–5 business days to process the credit to your account.